Higher professional and secondary technical school

I would like to write a few words about the school. Secondary Technical School was established in 1951 so it is the oldest secondary school in the town. The complex of school buildings was finished in 1959. Till the year 1989 there was the only branch of study - mechanical engineering, at present we have five branches of study at secondary level - Engineering, Electrotechnics, Technical Administration, Technical Lycee and Technical Equipment of Buildings. Since the year 1996 Higher Professional School has been established with two branches of study Engineering Economics and Automatization and Computer Science. Now there are about 600 students of secondary school and 100 students of higher professional school. We also run extramural and evening classes for about 50 part-time students. Secondary education lasts four years and is finished by the school leaving examination, which is called 'maturita'. There have been more than 6 thousand secondary school leavers so far. The education at higher professional school lasts three years and is finished by final examination called 'absolutorium'. There are 50 internal and about 20 external teachers. The school provides students with accommodation and food in the youth hostel, there is also a workshop and sports facilities - a gym, (a fitness centre), tennis courts and sports fields. The school is well equipped with computers, there are about 120 computers in the school LAN which has been connected to INTERNET for six years. Now the school LAN is being installed in the hostel. Our school has started co-operation with similar types of schools abroad, eg. in Austria, Northern Ireland and Italy. Our students have taken part in various competitions and exhibitions with their projects, eg. in Kuwait, France, Portugal, South Africa and Mexico. We are looking for a school with similar programme for future contacts.

Ing. Jaroslav Kletecka headmaster 
VOS a SPS Studentska 1 591 01
Zdar nad Sazavou 

fax: 00420 566 626 395
e-mail: kleteckajar@spszr.cz